Losing Our Edge is the sequel to my first two books, 1995’s Our Noise and 1997’s Geniuses of Crack, both of which were published as paperback originals by Simon & Schuster.

Losing Our Edge revisits a number of the characters, seeing where they are twenty years later and discovering what’s happened with their lives.

A tough and honest look at what the passing of time does to romance, friendship, and dreams, Losing Our Edge shows that you can go home again—you just might not like what you find when you get there.

“In both its structure and its story, with clarity and sensitivity, Losing Our Edge shows us how the past is a puzzle that we must each put together and decode on our own, especially when our puzzle pieces are shared, our memories glow with meaning, and the intervening years have shaded the impressions of all parties involved in very different ways.”

Tim Kinsella, Writer/Musician

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