In the fall of 1970, Lou Reed walked away from rock and roll. He left the Velvet Underground, and New York City, returning to Long Island. He moved in with his parents and got a job as a typist at his father’s accounting firm. He told friends his career in music was over. Vicious takes an imagined look at what happened to Reed after he quit his band, and before the successful solo career that began in 1971. 

"Vicious is a super fun read. I’ll never listen to 'Sister Ray' the same way again."

— Dean Wareham, founding member of Galaxie 500/Luna and author ofBlack Postcards

"Andy Warhol’s Factory was rife with charismatic nobodies who took a brief turn in the spotlight before flickering out. In Jeff Gomez’s sly tale, fate turns post-VU office worker Lou into an amateur, amnesiac detective made to reckon with father figures biological and otherwise. He’ll either get a song out of it or wind up dead, and fans will enjoy the intimate, anxious adventure with its hints of the work to come."

Kim Cooper, author of The Kept Girl

"An entertaining suspense tale that plays celebrity mythology against reality in intriguing ways."

— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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