Math rock sounds like blueprints look: exact, precise, architectural. Made from influences ranging from free jazz to prog to hardcore, this complex guitar-based music has been captivating and challenging listeners for decades. Bands associated with the genre include Don Caballero, Slint, American Football, Toe, Hella, CHON, Elephant Gym, Covet, and thousands more. In an online age of bedroom producers and sampled beats and loops, math rock is music that is absolutely and resolutely played: men and woman in rooms with instruments creating chaos, beauty, and beautiful chaos.

This is the first book-length look at the global phenomenon. Containing interviews with prominent musicians and writers, Math Rock will delight longtime fans while also serving as a primer for those who want to delve deeper. It shows why and how an intellectually complex, largely faceless, and almost entirely instrumental form of music has been capturing the attention of listeners for thirty years—and counting.

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